This site is a compilation of my personal journey with inflammatory bowel disease. I was diagnosed in January of 2017 with ulcerative colitis (mild proctitis). By May, it was confirmed that my disease had spread along the entire left side to include up to half of the transverse colon. My current diagnosis is severe extensive UC.

Since diagnosis, I have become determined to find and aid in correcting whatever it is that I have done to offend my immune system and cause such high levels of inflammation in my body. This website is a combination of blogging, recipes, and resources I’ve accumulated via my research. You can shop my favorite products on amazon here: amazon favorites.

I am combining the LEAP program with SCD to find my specific food sensitivities and reduce inflammation all over my body. I have also completed testing through 23andMe.com and Ubiome.com.

I sell SCD diet cards and IBD & SCD related jewelry. I use the cards myself for various purposes and the jewelry goes towards diet research and SCD progress.

Current Status: 10/5/17 Flex Sig Results “in Remission”

My current IBD regimen:

  • 4.8GM Mesalamine, oral (Lialda) 1/d
  • 1000G Mesalamine, rectal (Canasa) 1/d
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet
  • 150MG Magnesium Glycinate Chelate (Nested Naturals) 2/d
  • 5000IU Vitamin D3 & 100mcg Vitamin K2 (Seeking Health) 1/d
  • Turmeric
  • 6mg Nicotine (ECBlendFlavors.com) as 100% VG/Organic
    • Or, 14mg Nicotine Patch (Habitrol)
  • Yoga, Cardio, Weight Lifting, Swimming